RFID Integrations

Helping companies bridge the link between RFID technologies and today's cloud-powered software and mobile applications.

Hardware Qualification

We assist customers in the analysis and qualification of RFID hardware including tag and reader selection, testing and validation.  Verticalware understands each RFID software deployment is unique based on the user environment, business processes and utilization.

Site Survey Analysis

We help customers understand the technical requirements needed to effectively deploy an RFID solution within an installation site.  We survey the physical environment for optimal radio performance, facility power, potential signal interference’s and installation planning.

Business Process Analysis

We help customers document all workflows and business processes involved in the RFID deployment scope.  This helps customers fully capitalize the benefits of RFID technology and improve applicable KPI’s for all stakeholders.

Solution System Architecture

We develop, qualify and propose a full solution system architecture allowing customers the ability to understand the underlying technologies and how these interact across other IT systems and 3rd parties.

Middle-ware Development

Verticalware understands the need for existing IT systems to communicate effectively with physical RFID hardware and other applications.  An effective middle-ware solution is key to linking all data points successfully.

Professional Services

Verticalware’s professional service offerings empowers the ability to have a knowledgeable partners with the necessary technical and strategic insight to delivery an effective and successful project.

RFID RAIN UHF Technologies

(EPCGlobal Class1 Generation 2 ISO 18000-6C) and RFID RAIN UHF Fixed & Mobile Readers/Antennas


(ISO 14443A) 13,56 MHz

Intrinsically Safe Certification

ATEX (Europe), IECEx (International), ETL (NA/NEC/CEC) Class 1, II, III Div. 1 Groups A-G, T4, T135C

High Temperature/High Pressure Applications

RFID transponders for High Temperature(200°F-1000°F), High Pressure Applications (30K psi) applications

Industrial RFID

Industrial RFID readers and PLC controllers compatible with Modbus TCP, Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Profibus, OPC UA, CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT

Custom RFID Services

Custom RFID Encoding, Printing and Laser Marking

Technical Capabilities

Verticalware has many years of experience designing innovative software solutions that bridge the link between today’s leading edge hardware, industry standards and proven best-practices.

Asset Tracking

RFID technology improves asset visibility, utilization and allocation.  Quickly identify assets in real-time including asset details, location, documentation, service history and historical audit data.

WIP Management

Tracking work in progress materials across a facility or manufacturing process.  View job and work order status in real-time, identify process bottlenecks to improve production performance and planning.

Yard Management

Improve yard management and storage with live inventory activity including storage locations, inventory movement and trending analytics.  Reduce manual inventory audits, improve inventory accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Tracking

Manage inventory effectively by quickly and accurately identifying inventory pieces, storage location, stock quantities and movement history.  Improve inventory workflows by reducing human error, increasing operator efficiencies and reducing manual counting.

Asset Service & Maintenance

Improve equipment service and maintenance workflows by accurately identifying equipment, reducing human error and using digital workflows.


RFID technology provides companies the ability to improve operational efficiencies, reduce human error and increase productivity across many industries.  Using RFID technology within business processes provide companies the ability to improve data accuracy, reduce identification errors and capture data efficiently across systems.

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Reduced maintenance costs - Companies who monitor asset performance can prevent problems before they occur and reduce maintenance costs by 15%.

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Improved workplace utilization - Companies using fleet management services outperform their peers in terms of workforce utilization by 40%.

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Reduced fuel costs - Monitoring vehicle fleets can help companies identify potential problems and reduce fuel costs by 15%.


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