Our A-Team. We are software engineers, creative thinkers and technology misfits.

The Verticalware team is comprised of different backgrounds and technology disciplines.

Our Portfolio

We help our clients design, build and support today’s innovative technologies
that span across multiple industries.

    NOVIBOX is an autonomous tracking platform designed to provide accurate visibility…

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  • Omnicosa

    Omnicosa is an mobile storage device designed to provide accurate visibility of bio-specimens…

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  • ThingTrac

    Thingtrac is an IoT solution dedicated to the advancement of industrial IoT sensors, machine…

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  • AI Tracking Solution

    The FlexVertical AI tracking platform consumes sensor and telemetry data…

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  • AXON

    The A-360 Suite is an enterprise asset management system with advanced functionality…

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  • Bluetooth Sensor Gateway

    The FlexVertical Bluetooth sensor gateway is designed to collect wireless sensor data…

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