Industrial IoT

Leveraging today's Bluetooth low energy devices in business operations and industrial applications.

Hardware Qualification

We assist customers in the analysis and qualification of industrial-based sensors, gateways and IoT data platforms.  This entails qualification, testing and validation.  Verticalware understands an IoT deployment is unique based on the user environment, business processes and utilization.

Site Survey Analysis

We help customers understand the technical requirements needed to effectively deploy a successfully industrial IoT solution within an installation site.  We survey the physical environment for optimal radio performance, facility power, potential interferences and installation planning.

Business Process Analysis

We help customers document all workflows and business processes involved in the deployment scope.  This helps customers fully capitalize the benefits of utilizing IoT solutions and applicable KPI’s of each process.

Solution System Architecture

We develop, qualify and propose a full solution system architecture allowing customers the ability to understand the underlying technologies and how these interact across other IT systems and 3rd parties.

Middle-ware Development

Verticalware understands the need for existing IT systems to communicate effectively with IoT platforms and other applications.  An effective middle-ware solution is key to linking all data points successfully.

Professional Services

Verticalware’s professional service offerings empowers the ability to have a knowledgeable partner with the necessary technical and strategic insight to delivery an effective and successful industrial IoT project.

Wireless Technologies

Wireless Technologies – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Mesh, Sigfox, UWB, LT-M

API Integrations

Data API Integrations – MQTT, JSON, XML, S-FTP, RESTful, Sockets and more…

IoT Platforms

IoT Platforms – Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT including Greengrass

Platform Integration

Sensor & Device Management, Aggregation & Data Integration

Technical Capabilities

Verticalware has many years of experience designing innovative software solutions that bridge the link between today’s leading-edge hardware, industry standards and proven best-practices.

Inventory management

Track physical assets (like equipment or packages) across multiple sites wirelessly.

Cold-chain monitoring

Monitor sensitive packages and receive automated alerts the minute temperatures rise too high or low.

Facilities management

Track company equipment usage to determine maintenance and calibration schedules.

Fleet management

Monitor vehicle fleets in real time to track speed, identify potential issues, and more.


Industrial IoT technologies and software provide companies the tools and frameworks necessary to interact with equipment and “things”.  The advent of lower power devices and powerful wireless technologies have proved to be an effective manner to monitor, measure and service equipment.

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Increased visibility - Companies who implement environmental IoT sensors can monitor field assets 24/7

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Reduced costs - Monitoring and managing field assets remotely can help reduce costs by 25%

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Improved ranged - Organizations who implement wireless remote sensors can increase monitoring range by 10%


Everything you need to power your IoT product, from device to cloud.
Building an IoT product starts with getting your device online. Verticalware makes this easy because all the software and hardware we integrate is designed to get your device connected in minutes – over Wi-Fi, cellular (2G/3G/LTE), or mesh.

When you're ready to scale up, our industrial-grade connectivity modules are secure, reliable, and fully-certified.