Condition Monitoring Integrations

Condition monitoring and preventative maintenance limits inefficiencies, improves safety, and saves you money.

Hardware Qualification

We assist customers in the analysis and qualification of sensors, data aggregators and gateway selection, testing and validation.  Verticalware understands each condition monitoring and predictive maintenance deployment is unique based on the user environment, business processes and utilization.

Site Survey Analysis

We help customers understand the technical requirements needed to effectively deploy a sensor-based condition monitoring solution within an installation site.  We survey the physical environment for optimal sensor installation, calibration, mechanical analysis and installation planning.

Business Process Analysis

We help customers document all workflows and business processes involved in the deployment scope. This helps customers fully capitalize the benefits of sensor-based CM applications and applicable KPI’s of each process.

Solution System Architecture

We develop, qualify and propose a full solution system architecture allowing customers the ability to understand the underlying technologies and how these interact across other IT systems and 3rd parties.

Middle-ware Development

Vericalware understands the need for existing IT systems to communicate effectively with sensors, CM/PdM platforms and other applications.  An effective middleware solution is key to linking all data points successfully.

Professional Services

Verticalware understands that the key to reliable and efficient equipment maintenance and performance is dependent on the actionable data produced by smart equipment sensors and sensor-enabled maintenance software.


Sensing technologies including Vibration, Voltage, Temperature, Torque, Strain, Shock, Pressure, Inclination, Load and Acceleration

Sensor Architecture

Fixed and Wireless Sensor Installation, Data Aggregation & Cloud Integration

Machine Learning

AWS Machine Learning, Tensor Flow (Linear Regression)

CM/PdM Apps

Condition Monitoring Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) for Remote Monitoring, Alerts and Triggers.

Technical Capabilities

Verticalware has many years of experience designing innovative software solutions that bridge the link between today’s leading-edge hardware, industry standards and proven best-practices.

Maximize equipment utilization

Remotely monitor equipment performance in real-time and react to failures instantly.

Transform field services

Collect data to determine the cause of maintenance issues before sending technicians into the field.

Enhance workplace safety

Broken equipment pose severe safety risks. Receive alerts before they break with IoT sensors.

Improve customer satisfaction

Optimize customer services by diagnosing and fixing maintenance issues remotely the minute they occur.


Condition monitoring and preventative maintenance solutions provide many real-world use case applications in the management, maintenance and servicing of critical equipment within industrial facilities, manufacturing and field operations.

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Less downtime - IoT-based preventative maintenance can reduce asset downtime by 50%.

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Cost reductions - Companies who implement preventative maintenance solutions reduce costs by 30%.

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Fewer injuries - Fixing machines before they break can increase employee safety by 25%.


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