Bluetooth Wireless Solutions

Leveraging today's Bluetooth low energy devices in business operations and industrial applications.

Hardware Qualification

We assist customers in the analysis and qualification of Bluetooth hardware including beacon and IoT gateway selection, testing and validation.  Verticalware understands each Bluetooth software deployment is unique based on the user environment, business processes and utilization.

Site Survey Analysis

We help customers understand the technical requirements needed to effectively deploy a Bluetooth solution within an installation site.  We survey the physical environment for optimal radio performance, facility power, potential interference’s and installation planning.

Business Process Analysis

We help customers document all workflows and business processes involved in the deployment scope.  This helps customers fully capitalize the benefits of Bluetooth beacon technology and applicable KPI’s of each process.

Solution System Architecture

We develop, qualify and propose a full solution system architecture allowing customers the ability to understand the underlying technologies and how these interact across other IT systems and 3rd parties.

Middle-ware Development

Vericalware understands the need for existing IT systems to communicate effectively with Bluetooth beacon hardware and other applications.  An effective middle-ware solution is key to linking all data points successfully.

Professional Services

Verticalware’s professional service offerings empowers the ability to have a knowledgeable partner with the necessary technical and strategic insight to delivery an effective and successful Bluetooth low energy device project.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy Chipset Bluetooth 4.2/5.0


Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone Protocols

BLE Gateways

Industrial Bluetooth Gateway Integration (BLE Modules 4.2/5.0)


Wi-Fi, LAN, Cellular, LoRa, Wirepas/Mesh Connectivity

Custom BLE Data

Custom BLE Packet/Telemetry Design

Intrinsically Safe Certification

ATEX (Europe), IECEx (International), ETL (NA/NEC/CEC) Class 1, II, III Div. 1 Groups A-G, T4, T135C

Custom Services

Optional NFC (ISO/IEC 14443A) and Laser Marking

Technical Capabilities

Verticalware has many years of experience designing innovative software solutions that bridge the link between today’s leading-edge hardware, industry standards and proven best-practices.

Asset Tracking

Beacon technology improves asset visibility, utilization and allocation.  Automatically identify assets in real-time including asset details, location, documentation, service history and historical audit data.

Proximity Detection

Automatically detect assets and equipment within a physical area in real-time. Implement smart trigger actions and alerts based on asset activity and movement.  Create automatic workflows based on business rules and asset activities.

Personnel Tracking

Seamlessly track personnel across facilities with beacon ID cards. Gain insights into personnel trending, generate safety alerts and monitor hazardous areas in real-time.

Location-Based Tracking

Track assets and equipment by location and zones based on asset beacon movement and detection. Gain valuable insights into asset utilization, allocation and activity.  Improve maintenance and service on critical equipment.

Movement/Shock Detection

Capture movement and physical shock detection on assets and equipment. Trigger actions and alerts if assets are moved outside of an operational window or if equipment experiences sever shock or impact.


Bluetooth low energy technology provides companies the ability to improve operational efficiencies, automate business process and increase productivity across many industries.  Using Bluetooth low energy technology within business processes provide companies the ability to improve data accuracy, reduce identification errors and capture data efficiently across systems.

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Increased visibility - Know the location and condition of your assets at all times with wireless connected sensors

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Improved productivity - The IDC predicts that IoT technologies will result in a full 15% increase in manufacturing productivity by 2018

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Reduced operating costs - Improved supply-chain visibility reduces costs associated with excess inventory, safety-stock, and more


Create a market trial of your product idea with our team of software and hardware experts.
Once you have a software and hardware prototype in-hand, the next step in your journey is often to run a market trial of your product. Our team will help you deploy 50-200 units for broader validation in the field.

At this stage, our team will help you design software, hardware and firmware that are ready-for-deployment, including a custom printed circuit board (PCB), enclosed design, and a device application built for your use case.